The practical implementation of providing reliable electricity and power to large, specialized, and highly sensitive systems in laboratory, higher education, healthcare, commercial / corporate, mission critical, industrial, and government facilities is the foundation upon which e3i was built. e3i provides dedicated electrical applications requiring strategic forethought, nuanced execution, and highly skilled technical specialists to clients who rely on our skills and experience to provide reliable, high-quality, and redundant power systems that are customized to each unique situation.


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e3i is a specialty electrical engineering firm with strategic mechanical engineering alliances.

The power systems and electrical integration systems we design provide reliability and endurance to businesses that need to operate 24/7/365, with no unplanned down-time. Our systems are built to endure natural or mechanical surges by seamlessly switching to generator or redundant power.

Clients rely on e3i’s talent and experience to provide systems they can turn on and forget, and they have peace of mind knowing that the risk of liability has been mitigated.

 We provide highly specialized and high-quality engineering services for sensitive facility environments. 

Because e3i’s systems are specifically designed to each business and project need, our clients will never get a one-size-fits-all solution. With this unique attention and skill, our clients are able to refocus their energy on the core competencies of their own business applications.

e3i provides the following engineering services:

  •  Electrical design and engineering

  • Mechanical design and engineering with our strategic partner firm

  • Program management 

  • Project management 

  • Compliance reporting

  • Harmonic Analysis

  • Existing Building Infrastructure Assessment

  • Electrical Studies

- Short Circuit and Coordination

- Arc Flash

- Load Flow

  • Commissioning and Integrated Testing

  • Solar Systems/Wind Turbines

  • Co-Generation

  • Standby Generation

  • Medium Voltage System Design

  • System Design from simple systems to the most complex, resilient and redundant design.



Design / Build Engineering: Engineering Built for Contractors

We feel design/build is the leading edge contractual model that will revolutionize the way our industry develops over the next few decades, and we’ve organized our business around the tenets of a design/build relationship.

e3i is one of the first specialty electrical engineering firms in the region dedicated to the design/build arrangement.

Design/build is a popular project delivery method across North America, and is gaining traction in New England and the Northeast. Several contractors are employing this model, but few electrical engineering firms have this as their primary focus. While many contractors seek the lowest-cost solutions, design/build partnerships foster a higher-level of engineering for a more valuable outcome. Additionally, our positive working relationships with contractors is an asset to our clients. Because we understand the contractor work-flow and our place within it, we are able to integrate into their process to make the biggest positive impact, and mitigate construction set-backs.

Our dedication to design/build is an important item that sets us apart.

Likewise, we specialize in design/assist when design/build is not an option. We communicate well across all team members, and support the contractor’s best interests when decisions are on the table. Our collaborative and proactive mentality fills the gaps to deliver our projects to the client’s satisfaction.


e3i provides the following design/build and design/assist services:


  • Electrical design

  • Arc flash calculations and labeling

  • Short citcuit, coordination, and arc flash studies

  • Single point of failure consulting 

  • Value engineering

  • Third-party engineering reviews

  • Professional opinion papers

Design Assist Engineering (DAE)

DAE is a service method by which a contractor selects an engineering design firm to be their advocate and provide assistance to said contractor on a particular project. The DAE professional is retained by said contractor and seperate from the engineer of record (EOR).

The DAE is an integral and active member of the team and is the installing contractor’s link to the design process.

The role of the design assist professional (DAP) is to be the representative of the installation contractor throughout the design and construction phases of the project, but may be limited to the construction phase only.The DAE’s involvement can be for a single design or construction phase of a project but it is recommended that their involvement begin at the conceptual phase. Services include:


  • Design suggestions and value engineering ideas

  • System design, redesign and coordination

  • Calculations

  • Equipment selection

  • Room layouts

  • Specialty systems

  • Coordinate risers and one-lines

  • Attend meetings and site visits

  • Status of construction

  • Purpose design solutions to problems or challenges identified in field

  • Opinion letters and reports

  • Infrastructure review and assessments

  • Power system studies (including short circuit and coordination)


e3i provides consulting services for co-generation, energy efficiency and solar applications.

Energy engineering comes in many forms. Our clients rely upon our combined 50+ years of experience to review their facility and, very quickly, assess the needs for energy solutions. We have the technical knowledge to address all energy-related issues, and the understanding to know what to look for and what solutions to apply.

Our unique combination of design experience and energy energineering analysis will provide energy solutions that will reduce lifecycle costs and are feasible for implementation.

e3i Engineers has a comprehensive energy approach in which equipment, usage, and energy conservation opportunities are identified; utility savings are calculated; and simple payback or lifecycle costs are determined.

Our resolutions are proven to have saved clients time, money, and most importantly, down-time.

We expect our clients to be smart about conservation and to make decisions positively impacting their business. We expect the same from ourselves.


Whether entering a building with aging equipment or reviewing a new project in design, our focus is to meet out clients' energy goals while adhering to their financial criteria.

e3i provides the following energy services:

  • Building energy audits

  • Energy modeling/simulations

  • life cycle cost analysis

  • Master planning

  • Owner's project engineering

  • Energy retrofit design assistance

  • Utility incentive support

  • Utility bill analysis

  • Energy star certification

  • Electrical for cogeneration

  • Solar electrical designs



Not all facilities are alike, and each requires a specific solution to support the electrical engineering and power needs of its structure.


We stress that "one size does not fit all"’. There’s a reason for that. We evaluate each building or campus and quickly determine the infrastructure needs of that parcel. Our extensive experience lends credibility to our solutions, and helps owners make better-informed decisions based on our advice. e3i’s value comes from the fact that principals are involved in every project from start to finish, which clients depend on to efficiently determine the risks and rewards on how these solutions will impact their bottom line.




Clients rely upon e3i to provide state of the art technology solutions that align with their business goals not only today, but in the future.

e3i understands that technology is constantly evolving. As industry leaders, clients count on e3i to provide them with technology solutions that are flexible and adaptable for the future.


e3i’s systems are specifically designed to each business and project need, our clients can be confident that they aren’t getting a one-size-fits-all solution. Knowing that technology has a different impact on each client’s operations, e3i approaches each project with a fresh outlook.


  • Telecommunications

  • Electronic Security

  • Audiovisual

  • Emerging Technologies

  • Wireless Infrastructure

  • Owner's Technology Representative

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Engineering Management Services (EMS): Knowledge Engineering

e3i’s leadership and senior engineering staff have spent their career designing large scale, highly technical and specialty use projects.

e3i brings their leadership, experience and long history of success to all of your projects.

Independent engineering advocate? Independent Engineer?

Who needs that? YOU do!

The EMS engineer provides experienced engineering talent to assist the owner or owner’s representative during concept, design and construction phases of a project. The role may focus on a single project or may be spread over multiple projects for the same owner. The most basic definition of an owner’s engineer is an individual or team of experienced professionals that serve as an independent advocate for the owner. The owner’s engineer supports a critical role by filling gaps and supplementing the owner’s technical resources.

Our purpose and client benefit: to fill the experience gap!

As the EMS engineer, e3i can add highly qualified engineers to a project's team who can focus on:


  • Enhanced collaboration

  • Confirming the right system(s)

  • Managing schedule and deadlines

  • Energy conservation, efficiency improvements and increased use of renewable energy

  • Purpose-designed solutions to identified challenges

  • Program, due diligence and lease review

  • Reducing change orders

  • Avoiding design delays

  • Reducing design errors




e3i provides information technology services to meet and excel business needs.

21st century personal and professional life is increasingly reliant on information technology services. Whether it's effective collaboration with a global workforce, executing financial transactions to move markets, or performing critical research to optimize patient health outcomes, end users expect information technology services to be available, responsive, and above all, satisfy their business needs.  Data centers are the physical manifestation of this insatiable demand for information technology services, and e3i Engineers possess the expertise to align a data center's engineering underpinnings with the organization's financial, performance, and technical goals. Through decades of collaboration and partnership with leading financial services, healthcare, and higher education institutions, e3i’s data center services team will work diligently for your team to develop and implement long-term strategies, engineering solutions, and operational performance to propel your business forward.   

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