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You likely won’t meet anyone more tenacious and ambitious than Ron. He sets his sights on a goal, and doesn’t rest until it’s achieved. This trait likely comes from working with his father from a young age. At 13, Ron began working masonry with his dad, who gave him some sage advice: it’s not always WHAT you know, but WHO you know. Making and cultivating relationships is an art form and the key to success in almost any business, a concept he took to heart.


Ron grew up in Cape Cod, where his parents met, married, and raised he and his younger sister among the quaint villages, seafood shacks, lighthouses, and beaches. The summertime influx of tourists followed by their autumn departure created plenty of masonry work. Even after Ron left to attend Boston University for electrical engineering, he always came back during college breaks to continue working with his dad.


Upon graduation in 2007, Ron sought employment during the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression of 1929. Despite terrible timing and/or bad luck, this power house managed to secure three simultaneous job offers. In an effort to take the road less traveled, he selected a position as Project Manager at The Cavan Group, a small technology consulting firm.


He fell head over heels in love with technology consulting, and after a couple of years, sought to transition to an engineering firm where he could combine his background with his passion. Understanding technology, he wanted to learn to apply it to the engineering side, so looked for a job where he could take his time learning and asking questions. Ron accepted a position as one of only three individuals in the Technology Design Group at RDK Engineers. There he spent almost five years learning the life cycle process from the electrical side, from the mechanical side, from the fire protection side, from the plumbing side, and became more well-rounded in his field. As Ron’s client base grew, he transitioned to Vanderweil Engineers, whose Technology Design Group had more than twenty people. With a goal to remain client-facing, he utilized this group’s resources to work on more challenging projects.


After a couple of years, Ron was offered a leadership position within e3i. It was a no-brainer; after all, having worked for all the major engineering players in the industry, Ron had already developed relationships with the folks from e3i.


Setting goals. Achieving them. Maintaining relationships. This has been a common theme throughout Ron’s career. His very first client out of college is still his client today, four firms later. His goal was to be a cutting-edge leader in the technology industry, so naturally, that’s what he became. But technology changes every single minute, so Ron has to stay on top of his game! Like any good leader, he must continue to learn how technology gets integrated into the life cycle process, from programming to design to implementation to construction to completion.


  • Boston University, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Career History

  • Vanderweil Engineers

  • RDK Engineers

  • The Cavan Group

Focus Areas

  • Emerging Technology

  • Telecommunications

  • Audiovisual

  • Electronic Security


  • Technology

  • Telecommunications

  • Electronic security

  • Audio visual systems