The best advice Rob ever received was from his grandfather: “Don’t back up further than you need to.” This concept of not digging up history, letting things go and moving forward is what gets Rob out of bed in the morning. He refuses to accept the status quo and lives in a perpetual state of constant learning, improving, and boundary-pushing. So, it’s no surprise that his career focuses on the most innovative technology solutions available, a field that changes from second to second. It’s not just about keeping up with the times, Rob must be able to forecast technological advancements for him to succeed in providing his clients with the latest and greatest solutions to keep their business running smoothly and securely. 

Hazleton, Pennsylvania is where it all started for Rob. In high school, he took a paper and pen drafting class before switching over to AutoCAD and Revit.  He loved the aspect of drawing combined with this innovative product of its time, and wanted to use it further to explore building, creativity, and electronics. He had one goal with this newfound passion after growing up his small, dying coal-mining town: get out. He left home and traveled to Boston where he knew he’d have unlimited opportunities to build a career in an industry-focused city. 

Rob attended Wentworth Institute of Technology and graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Electromechanical Engineering, a program that prepares students to become practicing engineers developing innovation solutions to complex problems. Unfortunately, Rob graduated at just the wrong time to start his career. He moved to Silicon Valley where he started an internship for a technology company…just in time for the dot-com bubble to burst. Finding a job became difficult so he came back to Massachusetts to settle down with a new job and start a family. 

Rob worked for such notable firms as Bose Corporation, Acentech, and Vanderweil Engineers, where he met Ron Hayduk who hired him at e3i. With a love of teaching (he comes from a long line of school teachers) and a passion for technology, Rob now combines his favorite things to provide his clients the best solutions to grow their business. He loves clients who are open-minded to the latest and greatest technology available so that he can help them integrate the right processes to keep audiovisual, building security, and telecommunications running smoothly. Every business is different, so his solutions must be tailor-made for each specific client. Education is a huge part of each client relationship; he teaches his clients to implement and maintain complex systems, so must translate between the technical systems and non-technical staff. He has so much fun and loves what he does. At work he gets to test the boundaries of what technology can do, both today and in the future. On his way home from work, he tests the patience of building security along his commute as he uses various architectural elements to keep his skateboarding moving faster and faster toward his wife and three children. 


  • Wentworth Institute of Technology, BELM, Electromechanical Engineering

Career History

  • Acentech

  • Vanderweil Engineers

  • Adtech Systems

  • Bose Corporation

Focus Areas

  • Emerging Technology

  • Telecommunications

  • Audiovisual

  • Electronic Security


  • Certified Technology Specialist

  • Crestron Digital Media Certified Designer