They say, “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone”. Most people take for granted the light at their workstation, that big project saved safely on the network, staying warm in college or in a hospital bed. But when the power goes out, we feel helpless and panicked. That’s where Manrico comes in: he’s got your back. 


Manrico leads the Power Systems Services team, making sure his clients’ power and information never goes down, keeping day-to-day operations running smoothly. To do this effectively takes extensive experience, and Manrico has it all. Electrical engineering, various levels of voltage, systems design, utility AND commercial experience…there’s nothing this power-hungry professional can’t do.


Italians are known for being passionate, and Manrico is no different. He grew up in the North End of Boston, literally two blocks from e3i’s office. The son of Italian immigrants, he is the first generation of his family to live in America. Growing up, his father stressed the importance of education over everything else: not just traditional education, but hands-on learning. Manrico realized at an early age that he had a technical side when he and his dad would play with old radios by taking them apart and putting them back together. They enjoyed “tinkering” as a form of learning. This interest sparked the attendance of a high school with strong educational and vocational programs that pointed him toward electronics and computer science. Once he hit college, his focus shifted over to power.


Throughout his career, Manrico thoughtfully chose jobs that would allow him to continue to learn and push his comfort level. At Teradyne, he got to test circuit boards. With Russelectric, he was able to learn about switchgear real time. Stone & Webster exposed him to power plant design and 3D visualization. While at Vanderweil, he worked with UPS systems and data centers. He gained valuable utilities experience working at National Grid. He proactively analyzed failure scenarios so he could mitigate and prevent future disaster. Manrico used each new job experience as a way to expand his learning and education while implementing the skills he already had.


Now at e3i, Manrico gets to run the show. He and his hand-selected team will listen to client needs and requirements, and respond with a tailored approach using a combination of existing systems with newer, more modern systems to keep their daily operations on track with zero disruption to building inhabitants. His varied experience allows him to view all challenges from multiple angles to truly create the best solution.


Hands-on learning and tinkering has now gone on to the next generation; Manrico’s daughter loves to build anything and everything: Lego sets, magnetic sticks…you name it!  Continuing that hands-on learning is an important part of the family, and as systems and technology continuously change and evolve, we know that Emilia will teach Manrico a thing or two.


  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Power

Career History

  • Harvard University

  • Mott MacDonald

  • National Grid

  • Vanderweil Engineers

  • Stone & Webster

  • Varian Semiconductor

  • Russelectric

  • Teradyne

Focus Areas

  • Power

  • Mission Critical

  • Higher Education

  • Healthcare

  • Electrical

  • Infrastructure


  • Professional Engineer