Four words that, in and of themselves, describe what we do and who we are.


e3i Engineers, Inc. was created to provide specialized engineering to clients in mission critical, healthcare, education, corporate, and intricately complex industries requiring senior-level, principal-driven solutions customized to each unique situation.

Sophisticated. Reliable. Powerful.


We provide exceptional service, technical expertise, and more than 60 years of combined power engineering experience in these complex fields. We believe solutions must be tailor-made to fit the schedule, budget, and specific requirements of your project. Because unplanned downtime during design, construction, or occupancy isn’t an option, a "one size fits all" approach just won’t do.


We understand the nature of your business needs. We design, engineer, test, and commission your systems and infrastructure to ensure your project and business stay up and running, especially when power may be failing elsewhere.

Our Philosophy

As a principal-driven firm, we not only get the work, we do the work. When you contract with e3i, rest assured you will be getting highly experienced and owner-led engineering services that target, protect, and resolve your project challenges.


As [self-described] contractors at heart, we partner with contractors in a design/build capacity to provide early solutions that integrate with all other building services. Because we specialize in engineering, electrical, energy and infrastructure services, we leave mechanical, plumbing and fire protection services to our partner firms that focus on those needs. With strong relationships in this industry, we know who does what best, and we hand-select a mechanical specialist who is right for the unique condition of your project. This knowledge, experience, and reliability ensures you get the absolute best solution.

Our mission is simple:

We design the right system, for the right client, for the right project, for the right need.


We work smart. We work hard. We work for you. That is the power of e3i. 




Partner / Director of Operations

Trained as an electrical project engineer and known for being responsive, collaborative, and technically proficient, Ryan is the director of operations focused on established procedures and applying strict e3i standards. His specialized experience focuses on the design of power distribution systems, lighting systems, and low voltage systems including communication, fire alarm, and nurse call systems.


Managing Partner / Co-Founder

Bill specializes in program development and project management for business continuity planning, critical infrastructure design, alternative energy systems, laboratory design, and data center structure designs. His experience ranges from the design of the nation’s largest rotary UPS system, to classified biocontainment facilities to the integrated testing and commissioning of classified supercomputing facilities.


President / Co-Founder

Brian Mulkerrin is a registered professional engineer with a career steeped in the engineering, technology, and project management of large and small scale electrical engineering projects in healthcare, corporate, higher education, research and development, and life sciences industries. Specialized experience areas include medium and low voltage distribution, lighting design, communication, fire alarms systems, nurse call systems, and energy management.

Bob Quitadamo_e3i Engineers.jpg


Director of Mechanical and
Energy Services

Bob developed and directs e3i’s Mechanical Group, providing consulting services for mechanical engineering, energy efficiency design and analysis. He is responsible for reviewing clients’ buildings/facilities/campuses and assessing their needs for mechanical and energy solutions while providing a roadmap for achieving these goals.


Director of Power Systems Services


Senior Technology Consultant

Manrico leads the Power Systems Services team. Power systems are critical to the daily operations of every facility. His team is responsible keeping daily business operations running smoothly for financial and insurance companies, colleges and universities, healthcare campuses, and other facilities by preventing outages and disruption to power systems. Solutions include: resilient alternative power system design, combined heat and power systems, and microgrids combining generation, battery systems and wind turbines.

Rob works with the Technology Consulting Group to provide custom-tailored audiovisual, security, and telecommunications solutions. He improves business communications through state-of-the-art technology integration while simplifying the process so clients can understand and maintain complex systems.

We are among the lucky, with wonderful families and friends, an enriching work environment, and great relationships with clients and partners – many of whom have become life-long friends. But we know that no one is immune to the harsh facts of life.


Brian Mulkerrin and Bill Leuci continue to be involved with several charitable orgnizations. In an effort to pay it forward, e3i regularly supports the following organizations.



If you’d like to know more about our involvement, or learn how you can participate too, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be thrilled to tell you a story, introduce you to an organization, or include you in our next event.